• Payroll Processing

    Adirondack Payroll Services is a full-service payroll processor. We can accommodate any pay cycle, federal, state, or local tax calculation, and vendor and agency payments. You can email, fax, call in, drop off or process payroll directly online.  We have a wide variety of delivery options to fit your needs.

    • Employment Tax Services

    Adirondack Payroll Services will remove the burden of needing to know the who, what, where, when and how (and sometimes why) of your employment taxes. We handle filings and payments for all federal, state and local taxes. We also handle W-2 and 1099 form generation and filings. No matter where in the U.S. you or your employees are, we can file there.

    • Timekeeping

    If you need to keep track of employees’ time and want a seamless integration with the payroll system, a Swipeclock timeclock, webclock or mobile app may be what your business needs. Whether your workers are on-site, remote or some other combination, Swipeclock timekeeping will help take the headache out of managing timesheets.

    • Background Screening

    As the leading pre-employment screening provider, Verified First brings a wide variety of background verification services to Adirondack Payroll clients. Verified First’s built-in portal allows users to request a variety of background screenings on prospective employees. Adirondack Payroll’s innovative features, combined with Verified First’s proprietary technology, are designed to significantly improve time-to-hire when screening candidates.

Payroll Processor Pittsfield

Other Services

Adirondack Payroll Services can customize your service to what you need and want. From just processing your payroll, to an integrated timekeeping and other services which can include the following:

  • Employee Onboarding & Benefit Management
  • Employee Self Service (Employees can access paystubs, W-2 and can update personal information)
  • Fully electronic payroll (eliminate the paper you don’t have time to file anyway!)
  • Retirement plan payment and file upload service
  • Same Day Delivery (where applicable)
  • Recording of Third- Party Sick Pay
  • Special Payroll Packaging for security purposes (upon request)
  • Referral Service (in case there is anything we don’t do or a product we don’t have)